The Uniqueness of Our Handmade Products

Each of our products is handmade with love by skilled local artisans using techniques honed over generations and from natural materials. Products can therefore vary slightly in size, shape and color. 

Younger plants are a lighter color than more mature ones, so a rattan or bamboo basket woven from a young plant will be lighter and sometimes with subtle hues of green. Those from older plants will consist of darker shades of sandy brown. After rattan and bamboo is cut, it is dried outside for a number of days before being woven. The weather over these days can also affect the eventual colour of the material. 

Some of our products, such as the palm leaf hand fan and the ivy coaster, are handwoven from a single leaf or one long strip of rattan. Just as no two leaves are exactly identical colour or shape, no two of these products will be identical either. For example, thicker rattan strips will be woven into bigger coasters.

We love how each is a unique piece of art, charming in its own right. When we put together a set of baskets or coasters we make sure to select pieces that are a good match with the others in the set, and that they will look beautiful in our customers' home. 


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