The Paris Guide: What to Wear in Paris in the Summer & Things to Do

Summer in Paris is just so beautiful. I took our little Lilac Clutch with me on my trip to Paris in July, and it just blended in so well with the Parisian summer style.

Summer in Paris is JUST SO GREAT. I really enjoyed it, and was inspired to create Olive & Iris "Paris Guide" - what to wear in Paris, along with some other recommendations on places to go and what to see. 

Paris Travel Guide by Olive & Iris


Summer Style Guide

I'm absolutely a big fan of the "French Style". It's so effortless, yet so elegant and sophisticated. It's almost like the equivalent of no-makeup makeup look in my opinion - when you try to make it look like you just woke up and effortlessly got ready in 10 minutes (but actually you had been spending a long time in front of the mirror).  

Dresses & Basket Bags

Everyone owns a basket bag and a nice summer dress - French girls don't like to look overly done.

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French Girl Style Guide - Olive & Iris


Neutral Colour Scheme & Cute Gold Necklaces

Again, French girls love to look natural and not trying too hard. So neutral colour is key! Don't forget to wear some cute gold jewelries. They will help to add something to your neutral tone outfits.

French Girl Style Guide - Olive & Iris

French Girl Style Guide | Olive & Iris

 (Source: Harper & Harley)


Linen & Stripes (Obviously!)


What To See

Apart from those must see tourist attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Versailles Palace, here are some recommendations for pretty spots you should not miss in Paris. 

The River Seine

The main river of the city that is hardly to be missed. 

Paris Travel Guide by Olive & Iris

Café de Flore

It's definitely an insta-worthy cafe to visit!

Paris Travel Guide by Olive & Iris

Canal Saint-Martin

This is a famous hangout spot for locals. Perfect for picnic and drinks, especially in the evening time. 

Canal Saint Martin

(source: My Domaine)

Jardin des Tuileries

Beautiful garden near the Louvre Museum. Perfect for a quick break and resting your legs from walking around.

Jardin des Tuileries

(source: House and Garden UK)

Fountainebleu Palace

It's only about an hour from Paris. If you want to get away from busy Paris for a day. This is worth a visit.

Paris Travel Guide by Olive & Iris

Last But Not Least... The French Pastries

I love the French pasties so much. I tried so many random shops and they are all SO GOOD!

French Pastry

(source: House and Garden UK)

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