Happiness Tip: Eat Like the French - Enjoy Your Food Slowly with Company

Happiness Tip: Eat Like the French - Oliving - Olive & Iris

Eat like the french - Create rituals for food.

One of the French official recommendations is that you should eat with other people. It could be your friends, family, or colleagues. Enjoying food slowly with company is such a good way to spend time with your loved ones. You can cook together, or you can go to nice cafés, or restaurants together.

Nevertheless, people nowadays are eating together less and less as we all become more and more busy. It's such a shame that so many people are missing out on what could be meaningful time with their loved ones. Eating with company is not only proven to create more happiness, but also to improve our well-being and to help us to live longer. A research at Harvard showed that families who eat together on a regular basis are healthier, and consumed higher amount of important nutrients, while consuming less overall fat.

Eating together is such a simple and easy, yet meaningful thing to do. It is beneficial to us physically and mentally. It is one thing we could and should all aspire to do more frequently to create more happiness in our lives.


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